KSEB Builds Resilient Campus-wide Network Connecting 2k+ Active Users

Netcon supports KSEB to install new-age technologies to upgrade their backbone infrastructure from 1G to 10G network & deploy a secured campus wireless network.

Kerala State Electricity Board

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) constituted by the Government of Kerala, under the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 was set for carrying out the business of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity in Kerala. The original KSEB was dissolved and its assets and liabilities were transferred from government to the newly formed company KSEB Limited, the successor entity.

KSEB’s mission is to provide quality electricity to all classes of consumers adequately, safely, and sustainably at affordable cost. Currently, they cater to the needs of over 1 crore consumers spread over the urban and rural areas of Kerala and have been supplying electricity at lowest price in the country for several decades. Moreover, they envision to be the best power utility in India.

The Requirement

KSEB was aiming to establish high performance and resilient campus-wide network to connect more than 2000+ active users. They were intending to upgrade to state-of-the-art network from their existing traditional network. To enhance mobility, KSEB planned to deploy secured campus wireless network. Moreover, KSEB believed in installing new-age technologies to provide a facelift to the backbone infrastructure from 1G to 10G Network.

The Solution

After winning KSEB’s competitive bidding process, Netcon redesigned high performance and resilient campus-wide network connecting more than 2000+ active users. Meeting KSEB’s aspirations, Netcon facilitated in the integration of DC network and the migration of existing network to advanced network. The backbone infrastructure was upgraded from 1G to 10G network.

Initially, KSEB’s Data Center Operations and Maintenance (O&M) was taken care by a different vendor. When they had discrepancies in the O&M services acquired, they handed over it to Netcon and our team was able to execute the O&M services seamlessly for 24 months. The services include maintenance of Power, Cooling, CCTV, Access Control, Smoke/Fire Detection & Suppression System and Facility Management. To enhance mobility, a secured campus wireless network was deployed.

With a qualified team of technical professionals, Netcon facilitated in implementing:

  • New-age technologies using HPE Rack Server
  • Software Defined Network infrastructure to automate services & traffic flow
  • Infrastructure Services Enabled by Open Source Applications: DNS, DHCP, LDAP, NTP
  • Open Source AAA Solution & Integration with LDAP Server
  • Computing solution for DC & DR

Components Used

  • HPE DL560 G10 Rack Server
  • Aruba switching and Wi-Fi (802.11ac Wave 2)