IIMK in the pursuit of creating best online-class experience for students

Netcon to design and implement the Cloud infrastructure for IIMK’s LMS Moodle to sustain the online classrooms and remote learning

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Spread over 112.5 acres of land, the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK), is in the Kunnamangalam, an ancient city of Calicut in Kerala. It has the most picturesque campuses in the country, the world class infrastructure includes digital learning classrooms, guest care areas and advanced LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables every IIMK resident to be exposed to an environment of innovation. The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode’s (IIMK) International Exchange Programme endeavours to work with partner institutions to develop mutually beneficial scholarly and social engagement between students, faculty members across the globe.

The real challenge in education during this pandemic is to engage students digitally. During these tough times, educational institutions took refuge in technology to collaborate with their staffs and students. Digital platforms powered on cloud enabled them to work remotely, creating best online-class experience. IIMK in the pursuit of extending continuous learning experience to their students, started off with an initiative of migrating LMS Moodle to Cloud—a flexible infrastructure to sustain the online classrooms and remote learning. IIMK chose Netcon to design & implement the Cloud Infrastructure for their LMS Moodle.

The Challenge

The key challenges were to:

  • Replace existing on-premises setup of LMS Moodle, as it was not able to handle the load effectively.
  • Provide better connectivity for their online-classes and achieve content availability for students across India.
  • Avail more flexible options to manage the infrastructure from any place at any time requiring on-premises presence.

The Solution

Netcon designed a Cloud architecture after assessing Cloud thoroughly and evaluating multiple Cloud service providers. Our experts proposed AWS Cloud after considering the breadth of services offered that would supplement the client’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Proposed Architecture

To secure a better connectivity, we have proposed CDN to serve static file from S3 bucket and LB with auto-scaling. This will enable higher cost optimization during off-peak (typically non-class hours). Moreover, higher resilience is achieved with Multi-AZ hosting and cross replication of DB. Our experts considered RDS as the DB due to its high durability. As a fully managed DB server, it brings added advantage of securing itself by auto-patching, which offers higher throughput and security.

Our Scope of Delivery

  • Assessing, Consulting, Provisioning/ Deploying and Managing the LMS Moodle hosted Cloud Infra
  • Continuous Monitoring of the services deployed
  • Periodical Cost Optimization reviews based on resource utilization and other metrics
  • Consulting for future enhancements or additional service integrations to the existing architecture. For e.g. Containerization, AI/ML, Automation, and Analytics

Services Offered

  • Migration
  • LDAP integration
  • Route 53
  • LB
  • RDS
  • EC2 & EBS
  • Autoscaling
  • S3 – Intelligent Tier
  • CloudFront CDN
  • SNS, SQS, Cloud Watch