CIAL Embraces Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

CIAL chose Netcon to be their implementation partner embarking their ‘Private Cloud Journey’ providing HCI solution and migrating critical Airport Applications.

Cochin International Airport Limited

The Cochin International Airport is the first airport in India developed under a public-private partnership (PPP) model. This is the fourth busiest airport in India in terms of international traffic. It became the world’s first fully solar powered airport with the inauguration of a dedicated solar plant and won the prestigious ‘Champion of the Earth’ award in 2018, the highest environmental honour instituted by the United Nations. The airport operates three passenger terminals and one cargo terminal with a handling capacity of 10.2 million passengers.

The Challenge

CIAL’s core applications, such as SAP and Oracle were running on a virtualized hardware environment, thereby, deteriorating the applications’ performance that in turn affected the productivity. CIAL’s virtual environment expansion resulted in more virtual machines, sprawling network connectivity and demanding storage space, which all led to management complexity.

To combat these challenges, CIAL was aiming to accelerate its digital transformation strategy and surge ahead. CIAL was keen on upgrading their Data Center and replace their existing traditional solution. CIAL intended to set-up private Cloud for rapid and flexible provisioning of infrastructure. To maintain resiliency and business continuity, CIAL wanted to adopt the Active-Active DC solution and Cloud Backup solution. They also wanted to explore managed services for two Data Centers.

The Solution

CIAL’s IT Manager realized the benefits of virtualization and wanted to embark a “Private Cloud Journey”. CIAL’s IT team evaluated and narrowed down to a solution with Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), removing all the management complexities associated with traditional network, server, and storage architecture. CIAL chose Netcon to be their successful implementation partner after the competitive bidding process.

With a qualified team of technical professionals, Netcon implemented the HCI solution and migration of 60+ critical Airport Applications and 40TB of Live volumes across two Data Centers with minimum downtime and no data loss. As per CIAL’s discretion, a private Cloud infrastructure using VMWare vCloud suite was built. A cohesive backup solution for seamless on-site Data Backup of 80TB and off-site Data Backup of 50TB in AWS Cloud with on-demand DR capability was established. To improve security posture of the DC network, firewall migration was also completed with the required policies and procedures.

Components Used

  • Cisco Hyper-Flex Stretched Cluster with VMware vCloud Suite
  • Witness Server, Nexus Switches
  • FortiGate Security Appliances
  • Cisco Hyper Scale Backup Appliance with Commvault Backup Software
  • AWS Cloud Backup with dedicated leased line connectivity