Homeland Security Connects with Community to Reduce Crime Rate

Netcon helps in designing and implementing IT Infrastructure to one of the largest & innovative safe city projects with innovative technologies.

A Safe City

The city located on the Deccan Plateau, blessed with a unique landscape is the hub of global conglomerates. After the city police chief explicitly expressed the need for “cops to be felt rather than being seen”, Netcon had partnered with a leading MSI to design & implement an integrated city surveillance and traffic management solution for the entire city.

The Challenge

The key challenges were to:

  • Design a robust, multi-cast enabled city wide network for connecting 10000 cameras & sensors across 3000 traffic signals within the city and integrating around 100000 cameras implemented by various communities within the city.
  • Establish a scalable compute and storage platform for storing the video feeds, streaming them in command & control and various viewing centres, running applications, such as video analytics, FR and intelligent traffic management system.
  • Design and build an integration platform for a multi-agency command & control solution by integrating various systems in law enforcement, judiciary, transport and civic administration to provide situational awareness and actionable intelligence for managing incidents and disasters effectively.

The Solution

Netcon took up the design challenges and came up with a futuristic IT solution to meet the end customer needs.

We designed a high available fibre optic ring network to connect the traffic junctions & viewing centers, which in turn connects to a MPLS city backbone network. Two Tier III Data centres were designed in active-active configuration to host all the servers and storage for running the applications. The entire network from edge to DC is multicast enabled so that a single video stream is consumed by multiple actors (recording servers, VA, viewing centres, CCC) without the need of additional bandwidth.

Entire compute and storage solution is virtualised to provide flexibility and scalability for future growth. The storage solution was designed with an innovative unified file system combining disk & tape storage that provides faster access speeds to disk and increased capacity using tapes.

The application integration was quite challenging with 25+ internal and external applications. Since many of these applications do not support standard integration protocols, one-one integration approach was a daunting task. To overcome this challenge, we conceptualised & implemented an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) using WSO2, a leading open source enterprise integration solution. This solved the complex integration problem and enabled rapid deployment of integrated applications.

Key Facts

  • 10,000 cameras for monitoring traffic junctions and sensitive roads
  • 100,000 community cameras
  • 2 x Tier III Active-Active DCs
  • 4,000 cores of computing power
  • 30 PB storage
  • 2 Command & Control Centers with 40 seater and 60 seater capacity
  • 125+ viewing centres
  • End to End secure and multi-cast enabled network
  • 25+ Applications integrated
  • 250+ Traffic junctions with ITMS components