MAK Controls Delivers Robust IT Platforms to Aviation & Defence

Learn how Netcon helped MAK to optimize and deliver an effective network architecture deployment models to critical infrastructure.

MAK Controls

MAK Controls and Systems Pvt Ltd established in 1973 manufactures Ground Support Equipment required for aircraft, airlines, defense, aviation and ground handling industry in India and around the world. Over four decades, they are experts in designing, developing, and manufacturing Aviation Ground Support Equipment, specifically Electrical and Mechanical systems for various defence projects out of our facilities in Coimbatore, India and Memphis, USA. 

MAK Controls has diversified from Aircraft GSE to innovative defense projects with versatile Electrical, Electronics, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic applications. MAK is prepared for further expansion in aviation and defence sectors through its continual R&D efforts, state-of-art technology, and refined quality measures. 

The Challenge

To design and implement a reliable network for SCADA application for monitoring and controlling of mobile power generation units. The customer also required to interconnect multiple power generation units through WAN and voice communication across all sites. 

The Solution

With domain expertise in networking and industrial communication protocols, Netcon had designed and implemented an Industrial Ethernet Network with Cisco Connected Grid Switches (CGS) and Routers complying with IEC‑ 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards. The network supports industrial communication protocols such as Modbus/TCP & Profibus is designed to be suitable for rugged and harsh environmental conditions. 

Netcon also implemented an IP based PBX solution so that the same IP network established for SCADA can be used for voice communication as well. QoS is configured to ensure if the real time industrial traffic is deterministic. 

The solution is implemented in more than 20 power generation units and working successfully  

Technology Used

  • Connected Grid Switches (CGS), Routers and Industrial Grade Switches. 
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) network   
  • IP PBX 
  • IP Based Video Surveillance
We recommend Netcon because they have been our IT Infrastructure Partner for over a decade now. We’ve always recognized their technical prowess and continue to engage them in some of our critical and classified projects. Netcon’s professionalism and technical expertise are praiseworthy and it comes from a fully satisfied customer like us.

Saravanan Manickam

Managing Director