Transforming IT Infra at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

Netcon teams up with KKNPP to deliver a robust and agile IT infrastructure with efficient security and power up its operating model with reliability & efficiency.

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) is located in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is being run by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL). Two 1000MW pressurised water reactor (PWR) units based on Russian technology were constructed in phase one of the project. An additional four units are scheduled to be added according to the agreement signed between India and Russia in December 2008. These plants provide low cost green energy to the country.

The Challenge

KKNPP wanted to upgrade their 20-year old 1Gbps campus network which is the backbone of the entire plant operations to high speed (10/40Gbps) secure network. The key challenge is seamlessly upgrading this critical network and integrating township network & corporate WAN and deploying end-to-end security solutions.

The Solution

Netcon re-designed a high performance and resilient 3-tier network with redundant core (Cisco Nexus 9504), distribution (Catalyst C4500) and Access (Catalyst C2960X) Switches with no single point of failure in the connectivity and upgrade of the campus fiber optic backbone network with around 75km of fiber cabling.

An end-to-end network security solution comprising of segmentation, inter segment access control, email security and web security solution with secure authentication and provisioning for 1500 users in the plant has been implemented. The entire infrastructure is protected with multi-layer firewall solution with Advanced Threat Protection that provides an effective perimeter security for the network.

Netcon has implemented network-wide AD, DNS, DHCP and NTP services in a virtualized environment with high availability. The entire network authentication and security services were integrated with AD.

Being a critical environment, there was limited time window for the migration activity. Our network & security experts meticulously planned, implemented and carried out the entire migration activity within the available time window without any disruption to the services.

The new network has resulted in enhanced IT Infrastructure availability, improved network visibility & control and integrated network security.

Technology Used

  • Cisco Nexus switches for core, distribution & server farm switches
  • Two-layer Firewall with ATP: Cisco & Checkpoint
  • Web security & end-point security – Symantec
  • Email security – Cisco
  • Virtualized infrastructure and AD/DHCP/DNS Integration
When we were all set to upgrade our 20-year-old campus network to a high-speed secure network, we entrusted the project to Netcon, our long-standing partner. As a habit, they always surprise us with good work. The expert team has been available extending their services to our best satisfaction.