Manipal Hospitals Implement Holistic Security Framework

Netcon helps Manipal hospital in its journey of designing and implementing an Immune Network with end-to-end Cyber Security framework.

Manipal Hospitals

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is among the largest hospital network in India serving over 2 million patients annually. Its focus is to develop an affordable tertiary care multispecialty healthcare framework through its entire multispecialty delivery spectrum and further extend it to homecare. With its flagship quaternary care facility located in Bangalore, India, the hospitals have 7 tertiary care, 5 secondary care and 2 primary care clinics spread across India and abroad. Today Manipal Hospitals successfully operates and manages 5,900 beds across 15 hospitals and provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients across the globe. Manipal Hospitals has one-day care clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Manipal Hospitals is first in India to be awarded accreditation by the AAHRPP for ethical standards in clinical research activities. It is also NABL, NABH and ISO certified. Manipal Hospitals is also the most respected hospital company in India and the most patient recommended hospital in India by consumer survey.

The Challenge

Digitization of medical records and increasing usage of telehealth tools during Covid-19 has made patient data increasingly accessible. The threat actors constantly target healthcare industry as patient’s data and medical records are valuable. Manipal hospitals have engaged in efforts to guard against Cybersecurity threat for years, whilst complying to regulatory standards like HIPAA, GDPR etc.,

Manipal hospitals is a vivid user of technology and were looking for ways to stabilize their applications, network architecture, cloud platform to protect their data and infrastructure. Listed below were some of the pressing requirements:

  • Integrate all their technology investments in security and build a holistic cybersecurity framework
  • Secure the hospital network from ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks
  • Protect digital assets and infringement of patients and hospital’s data
  • Experience and support healthcare with continuous innovative technologies, without having to fear security threats

The Solution

Manipal Hospitals engaged Netcon as its security partner to design and implement holistic cybersecurity framework by leveraging disruptive technologies and industry best practices. Netcon started its engagement with an assessment of the infrastructure across internet, intranet, and the end user devices. The team worked with Manipal’s IT team collaboratively, understood their pain points and created a roadmap for an effective cybersecurity implementation.

Netcon with its certified professionals:

  • Designed and implemented missing elements of the cybersecurity framework like DDoS, IPS, SLB, and WAP.
  • Created effective security policies and implemented DLP (Data Leakage Protection) with end point encryption for around 5,000 users.
  • Implemented industry’s leading SIEM platform to collect, correlate and take effective steps to safeguard the IT Infrastructure and digital assets.
  • Completed seamless integration of DC Network & migration of existing network to state-of-the-art network.
  • Secured life critical application access using Advanced Threat Protection & NGFW Firewalls.
  • Implemented email security with encryption for 5000 users that can effectively prevent zero-day threats with granular control and visibility.

Forward thinking and technology adoption helped Manipal hospitals respond better during the Covid 19 crisis. When most of the hospitals suffered from a significant reduction in patient footfalls and thereby faced decrease in revenue, Manipal hospitals were able to swiftly roll out telehealth tools and teleradiology that allowed doctors to have secure access to patient’s records, like X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans etc., treat patients effectively, complete reporting anytime, anywhere and deliver drugs at the patients doorsteps.

In an era of digital Healthcare, data is very critical to patient care. Healthcare IT is constantly challenged with the risk of data breach and Cyber-attacks. Netcon did an excellent job in implementing a holistic Cybersecurity framework at our hospitals. We are satisfied with their technical expertise and agility.

Nand Kishor

CIO - Manipal hospitals