GKNM Hospitals Embraces Digital Healthcare

Netcon implements innovative technologies in GKNM’s digital transformation journey and affordable healthcare to everyone.

GKNM Hospitals

Netcon’s innovative technologies in GKNM Hospital’s digital transformation journey.

GKNM Hospital, named after the noble person Sri. G. Kuppuswamy Naidu is one of the best hospitals in Coimbatore, established in 1952 by The Kuppuswamy Naidu Charitable Trust for education and medical relief.  The founder dreamt of building a hospital that care for women and children after a tragic incident in his family. His dream turned into reality with GKNM Hospital which now has more than 32 medical departments to care for community with humanness. It has been an institution that renders tertiary care and effective charitable services to the economically challenged people.

The Challenge

Digitalization in hospital is being focussed for more than 3 decades and the use of technologies has become the culture of hospital.  GKNM Hospital aims at providing patient focused care using technology that benefits the patients. They also believe in continuous upgrade of the knowledge, skills, and attitude of all their professionals.

When they were looking to improve the quality of their healthcare services, they decided to upgrade the existing network and avail end-point security to protect the Electronic Health Records. At the same time, they wanted secure access to data without compromising patient’s privacy and confidentiality. GKNM Hospital aimed at providing:

  • High available and resilient network for their life critical applications.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity to visitors, patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Secure access to all clinical and non-clinical applications across smart devices.
  • Data privacy to safeguard patient information and other data from security threats.

The Solution

Netcon understood the requirements stated by GKNM Hospital and created a design blueprint to cater to the requirements. Netcon, along with their certified professionals:

  • Established high performance and resilient campus-wide network.
  • Provided strong Wi-Fi connectivity across the institution.

As a result, digitized health records, medical images and laboratory results could be transitioned securely from anywhere to anywhere in the facility without the patients moving pillar to post. Adoption of technology had tremendously enhanced the operational efficiency of the hospital.

Our path crossed with Netcon, when we were looking to design and build our network in the pursuit of digital healthcare. Netcon is very clear, focused and far ahead of the cutting-edge technology and offered unparalleled networking services. Happy to connect with Netcon as they built a strong network for us.

Biju Velayudhan

Chief Information Officer