Data Center

Your Space: Designed & Built

Data boom is relentless and is becoming a huge management challenge for many enterprises. It is important for businesses and cloud service providers to have the right DC strategy, generate maximum output from its resources, ensure business continuity, quickly respond to capacity expansion and reduce environmental impact. New markets will require a totally different data design approach that will demand facilities to be created and operated with very different climate and energy profiles.

Investment in DC Infrastructure is expensive. Therefore, decisions are not easy, when it comes to choosing your Data Center options.

Will you have a third-party host your data, or have a private Data Center built to meet to your specific needs?
How do you intend to embrace automation and bring operational efficiency to maintain lower PuE?
How will you navigate the myriad of options when it comes to space, power, cooling, & connectivity?
With the ever-increasing influx in data points and the resulting Data Gravity, have you planned for the right storage strategy?
With so many Data Centers standards out there, what are the standards relevant to your business?
What is your strategy to adopt Public, Edge, Hybrid, hyperscale or multi-cloud Data Centers?

Reach out to us to get answers to all such questions and arrive at the right Data Center strategy.

The Netcon Edge

Our consulting services team engage with your cross functional leadership teams and apply design thinking and other specialized skills to deliver technology-driven solutions to give your organization an edge.


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Our Services

Our services encompass the entire life cycle of Data Center be it build-to-suit, Modular, Edge or Containerized.

Expert Team

Our team of Accredited Tier Designers& Specialists (ATD & ATS), Certified Data Center specialists (CDCS), MEP Consultants and IT Specialists, will help you design & build robust Data Centres in compliance with tier standards.

Diverse Track Record

We are equipped with more than a decade of experience in building and operating Data Centers, from Small Enterprise Server Rooms to Edge Data Centers as well as Hyperscale Data Centre across various industries.

One-Stop Solution

We provide full suite of Data Center services (IT and Non-IT Infrastructure) right from site selection to service rollout.

DC Build
  • Plan, Design & Build
  • DC Optimization
  • DC Migration
  • DC Capacity Expansion
  • DC Safety & Automation
DC IT Architecutre
  • Software Defined Data Center
  • Data Center Security
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • DR & Business Continuity Plan
Operation & Maintenance
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Managed Services
  • Audits & Certification


Your Data: Secured & Protected

In an era of “Always On”, organisations are finding it very difficult to keep pace with the ever-increasing diverse data sets and rapidly evolving Cybersecurity threat landscape. With instant connectivity being de-facto business imperative, the attack vectors are no longer restricted to only IT assets but also spans from wearables to smart homes to connected enterprises.  Attackers use increasingly sophisticated digital weapons to steal business assets, disrupt services and cause loss of revenue, tarnishing your hard-earned reputation in a single moment.

Security breaches will occur - it is a matter of “when” – not “if“. A full life cycle approach to Cybersecurity is the need of the hour to safeguard critical data of both the organisations and their customers. Let us mitigate security risks by detecting early, defending effectively and responding proactively.

Our Technique

Our relentless pursuit for innovative solutions in Cybersecurity involves three key pillars: People, Process & Technology.

Our expert team with an experience of having worked extensively in several cybersecurity projects will bring the right insights to architect your cybersecurity framework.

We adopt a unique blend of best practices with industry know-how to continuously protect your enterprise with managed security services and 24/7 SOC monitoring.

You choose the fit and we take care of the rest. Entrust our insights and experience working with some of the leading cybersecurity research firms and products.

Our Approach

Our System Integration services will help you propel your business objectives whilst ensuring the legacy systems coexist. We specialize in the following areas.


Our experts support you in identifying and assessing the cyber risks to which you are potentially exposed. Our recommendations allow you to take effective decisions and prioritize your preventive and corrective actions. Focus your efforts on what is important to your business.


We protect your entire IT / OT architecture from Edge to Cloud and prevent intruders & mitigate threats wherever they originate from. Utilize our extensive knowledge and clear understanding of the evolving threats to build a cyber defense strategy unique to your organisation.


Our swift response team of cyber forensic specialists manage a 24×7 SOC for multi-tenant environment tailored to your organisation and provide real-world, realistic results.

Our Services

Try our efficient and cost-effective vulnerability assessment services that are conducted as a single scan or as a periodic program across your infrastructure and assess your organization’s security posture.

Leverage our strong technical knowledge, bespoke testing tools and industry specific test scenarios to conduct penetration test by simulating attacks on the identified vulnerabilities.

Our consultants review the security configuration of your key IT assets based on industry-standard benchmarks, provide detailed reports and ensure that each component of your IT Infrastructure is hardened against attacks.

Capitalize on our real-time technical and analytical experience in addressing and managing complex security breaches. Through timely and strategic response to security incidents, we can assist to reduce recovery time, costs and damage to not just your data but to your reputation.

Outsmart the attackers using our experienced investigative professionals, sophisticated techniques and response analysts that can identify and mitigate active and dormant threats.

Experience our holistic assessment of your organisation’s current security processes and governance model and a customized transformation roadmap to enhance your cybersecurity process maturity and standards compliance.


Your Business : Anytime, Anywhere

Agility, Innovation and Resiliency are the key factors for organizations to be relevant in the “New Normal” era. Cloud is not just a technology but helps organization to reinvent faster, constantly innovate and build products with faster time-to-market.

Unleash the power of Cloud with our robust Cloud delivery framework model. We offer everything a global enterprise would expect for their “Cloud-native” approach. With our sprawling experience in executing several critical infrastructure projects, we bring in an abundance of insights to help in your cloud journey, be it Private, Public, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud.

Our Capabilities

We facilitate in enhancing the profitability, efficiency and growth in your business with our managed services. We specialize in the following areas.


Our team will help you scale up or size down IT Infrastructure based on your business requirements and optimise your cloud infra costs.


We facilitate to seamlessly move workloads between private cloud and public cloud providers, thereby, creating open platform and avoiding vendor lock-in.


We enable Cloud Services that will reduce your time-to-market, enhance agility and improve your customer experience.


We offer customized and cost-effective solution that provides scalability, flexibility and granular control over infra consumption.

Our Services

Understand your business model, assess your infrastructure & applications and recommend the right cloud strategy.

Move your IT workload to Cloud and unlock your potential whilst ensuring the optimal consumption.

Guard your Cloud IT landscape with our purpose-built security services.

Containerize applications with Docker/Kubernetes for rapid deployment and scalability.

Reinvent business continuity by adopting the appropriate backup & DR framework.

With our leading partnerships, certified specialists and managed services offering, we can accelerate your time to deployment of cloud infrastructure and offer unparalleled support services in the entire life cycle.