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The pandemic has caused enough damage to several industries, one of the most affected industries is IT. Post-lock-down the IT landscape is witnessing the radical transformation and the business leaders are forced to redesign their practices to suit the ‘new normal.’

Let’s compile the ways how COVID-19 has transformed IT forever.

Agility — the need of the hour

Throughout the world, all IT businesses’ highest priority is now agility. As organizations understand the need to adjust to the online/offline world, IT agility becomes crucial. Most of the employees are working remotely due to the threat of the virus spreading, so organizations are left with no choice other than being able to accommodate the current situation. Often the business opts to value resilience over cost as they appreciate flexibility. Moreover, the business leaders are moving the key operations and services at an unbelievable pace to be both flexible and agile.

Digital transformation — building momentum

When businesses were considering to evolve and embrace digital transformation in early 2020, little did they know the pressure to withstand will make IT happen. Many businesses didn’t really have the need to be digitally present, however, social distancing, remote working, and constrained contact to pursue any tasks forced them to adopt the technology. IT leaders globally were driven by necessity and took refuge in AI-based technologies. Now, they must automate even a minor activity to provide a touchless experience.

Collaboration — the new routine

Even before the pandemic struck, collaboration was trending, but it has now become inevitable. IT teams should strengthen their collaborative efforts to deliver the best outcomes by being fully aware of the shortfalls posed by the threat. Only by collaborating better, businesses will be able to sustain in the competitive industry. From leaders to the grassroot workers, all are entitled to articulate clearly and work hand-in-hand to achieve realistic goals in the most difficult times.

Threat Awareness — means being prepared

Everything is online and infused with technology, this is the new way for the new normal. When organizations are functioning seamlessly with digitalization and moving forward, they also should safeguard themselves from cyber-attacks. Sometimes, the damage caused by cyber threats is excessive and unexpected. Many organizations don’t get time to prepare or react to a cyber-attack, be it ransomware or malware. On the contrary, businesses are now having teams to remotely monitor and prevent any such mishaps. Off late, cybersecurity and threat awareness are the key factors to running any critical operations.

IT — the solutions provider

The intriguing reality during the new normal is from every nook and corner, everyone accepted IT and believed in the IT industry to providing solutions even during the worst times. IT provides solutions in the form of technologies, new products, and services. Businesses that were able to quickly adapt to changes and conceded in IT, not only survived but thrived. Zoom to Teams, McDonald’s to Starbucks every product accepted the IT solutions and continued their business as usual, when nothing seemed usual during COVID-19.

Emerging of new IT workforce

Gone are the days when you do a 9–6 job, complete tasks under supervision, and report. The pandemic has opened a wide array of opportunities to all. Women who refrained themselves from working a regular job to support their family and children, can actually pitch back and resume their career remotely. Any organization now requires employees who can excel in their jobs with little to no supervision. Be a self-starter and collaborate with your colleagues virtually and bring forth dynamic changes to your job role and workplace.

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