A Leap of Faith is the Need of the Hour

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“I see trees of green

Red roses too

I see them bloom

For me and for you

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world”


– Louis Armstrong

Is the world currently wonderful?

Retrospect, for the first time, the word “negative” gives a sense of respite and solace to the entire human race with a positive connotation. The world is shaken and has gone topsy-turvy with the outburst of Covid19. What was unheard of 6 months ago has dominated every single mind now. Statistics reveal that the impact is over 1.6 billion people directly & indirectly leading to socio-economic destruction.

Things have changed overnight. Everyone is going through VUCAVolatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. A pandemic of this magnitude occurred about a century ago and none of us would have gone through such a situation that we are currently in.

Employers, including mammoth conglomerates & employees are going through equal extent of stress & anxiety due to Covid19 which has ousted the ecosystem and the financial stability. New awakening for disruptive challenge management pushed us to thrive and, in the process, some trade-offs and painful decisions are made both at an individual and at organizational level. With minimal socializing and face-to-face interactions, the “mind” distance has widened with the physical distancing. In what is called “the new normal” our home has now become ‘the office’ for many.

The conventional organizational design & culture of rushing to office, meetings, group gatherings & luncheons and conversations have become a rare sight these days. Things have changed suddenly paving ways to make alternative arrangements for sustenance and upkeep of financial & personal well-being. IoT, remote engagement and digital presence plays a significant role in business continuity and connectedness. It has also led ways to self-discipline, cleanliness & personal hygiene, and improved safety of others as well.

Talking to colleagues and employees a little beyond work, discussing with genuine care to develop trust and togetherness in this situation shall bring in more humanity, deeper bonding, and benevolence. While the encouraging facts to consider are families finding ways of coming together, owing to the additional time spent together at home, has led many becoming

psychologically brittle and less tolerant amongst people. Deeper introspection and connect with oneself, with others at home and colleagues will help us all to maintain both the personal and professional relationships, more compassionately. We are not alone in this situation; We are fighting the current crisis together.

With sheer perseverance and optimism in the medical advancements, there would be light at the end of the tunnel as everyone is anticipating with hope. Human race will strongly bounce back stronger like how we have survived every pressing challenge in the past. Let us give some time for the nature to heal, with conviction, we shall pray, and this too shall pass.

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