Valliappan AL

Asst. Vice President – Technology

Valliappan Alagappan brings with him rich experience in solution design, optimization, capacity planning, guiding planned changes and manpower management. Being a versatile technocrat, he manages client interactions and new engagements efficiently. Valliappan’s key areas include providing solution for new projects, creating RFPs & handling the complete maintenance planning and resource utilization.

Prior to joining Netcon Technologies, Valliappan has worked in organizations like Vodafone India, Citi Group and Network Solution (Netsol). With over 18 years of experience in handling IT, Banking, Telecom & Smart City projects, he has successfully engineered and implemented large IT Infrastructure, encompassing several emerging technologies and architecture. His intuitive analytical ability to understand complexities, makes him a keen planner, strategist and implementer who can provide solutions for Networks and Systems deployment.