Senthil Vadivu

Co-Founder & CFO

As a co-founder of Netcon Technologies India Pvt Ltd., Senthil Vadivu brings the best of leadership qualities having mastered the art of work life balance. She earned a degree in Engineering from Karunya Institute of Technology. Later, ventured into business and partnered with her husband Mr. Mahalingam in 2007 and together founded Netcon Technologies. After Netcon became her second home, there was no turning back in her professional life. Even after shouldering equal responsibilities at work front, little did she stop to pursue her dreams, she completed post-graduation in Engineering from Anna University without compromising on work life balance.

Senthil Vadivu always managed to juggle between responsibilities and completed all of them successfully, she never left anything half-done. When asked about this quality of hers, she gives all the credits to her doting daughters for giving her the space to do the best both personally and professionally. As the Director of Finance at Netcon Technologies, she loves her job and adds perfection to it. Senthil Vadivu inspires all the women employees to love their self, take care of their mental and emotional health and feel liberated from all kinds of stress that surround them day in and day out. Stay strong, she says it all with a smile!